About Greg Dyer

Personal Trainer Greg Dyer -- The Birthday Suit Tailor

Greg Dyer, The Birthday Suit Tailor, uses his own experience in challenge and competition to help motivate and inspire his clients to break through their barriers and to achieve their individual health and fitness goals.

Breakthrough performances have become the norm with Greg. Even the most unfit soon embrace and marvel at the positive effects that healthy lifestyle choices and action make on their mental and physical health.

Greg is a Scirion Certified Personal Trainer with an Associate Degree in Music and Video Business from Colorado Institute of Art (1990). His appreciation of the human body with its physical fitness and nutritional needs, his interest in the arts and in business, have merged to become the means of achieving good health for many of the hard-working citizens of Aurora.

Healthy nutrition guidelines and recipes combined with smart exercise programs that are simple, effective, and fun, provide the cornerstone of his programs.
Delivering real, measurable progress toward health and fitness goals is exactly what Greg offers. His programs provide the impact for a paradigm shift in individual behaviors, thinking processes, and actions which in turn result in better over all health.

“I love helping people achieve something they thought they couldn’t do!”

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